Scheme of work

To the company is a manufacturer of luxury hardwood furniture "Spravzhniy Meister" is characterized by its ordered and harmonious work process, contributing to the creation of unique masterpieces. The specialists of our company are made of interior design and office furniture of natural wood according to individual order, regardless of difficulty level. To purchase exclusive interior elements only need to follow 5 main steps:

1 The design of the application

The application may be left a convenient way for you

1)  By calling the phone numbers: ☎ +38 (073) 035-95-85 ☎ +38 (067) 924-24-00;

2)  Sending a message through the site; To send a message   3) Order the call via the feedback form directly in the product. 

2 The measurement space for furniture

The company's specialists will go to the measurement space in a convenient time for You. For Your convenience, experts have available samples for the production of furniture. Directly at the object You may wish to consider and coordinate design features and color preferences. The next time order for the production, metering is free, minus the cost of a consultant-Gager from the price of the product.

3 Manufacture of furniture

A specialist in the design Department prepares a design project according to Your personal request with the subsequent sending to Your email for review and approval. This stage involves the necessary adjustments according to functionality and design. After approval, the project moves into the production stage.

The company "Spravzhniy Meister", with its own manufacturing plant with modern European equipment for superior handling particleboard, MDF, wood and glass, and highly-qualified specialists with years of experience, designing furniture is guaranteed of unrivalled quality, regardless of the wishes of the client and the complexity of the work.

4 Delivery of furniture

After completion of the project, there is a coordination Manager preferred date and time of delivery. Our company provides delivery within Kiev region and Ukraine.

The process of loading, transporting and unloading is carried out by experienced specialists, which ensures the safety of the furniture and fragile items from shocks or defects.

5 Furniture Assembly

On customer request the service of professional furniture Assembly by our specialists. Kitchen, living room, bedroom and other interior elements will be collected in a short time. Complex configuration of furniture involves the Assembly professionals: skilled work collectors are much preferable to the clumsily assembled product, the time spent, nerves, and possible breakage during self-Assembly.

Collectors of the company "Spravzhniy Meister" competent to perform the necessary adjustment built-in design elements and carefully vmontiruet frame parts to the floor, ceiling and walls of the room.

The company "Spravzhniy Meister" offers a quality guarantee for a period of 12 months on all products.