Elegant staircase – the main interior accent

Luxury wooden stairs over time cease to be a member, just connecting the floors of the house, gradually becoming the main focus of the interior, the pride of the owner, adding the room a touch of comfort and warmth.

The most popular stairs of solid wood. They are made of valuable wood species (oak, beech, ash, etc.), decorated with unique finishes, patina, lacquer, gilding, silvering, carving. These stairs are characterized by a presentable, smart appearance and uniqueness. All parts are specific formulations that increase the time of exploitation.

Our company manufactures wooden ladders for individual orders, taking into account all peculiarities of the premises for the greatest security and comfort. Our experts in the smallest details count and perfecting all the details for this masterpiece. All components, steps, railings, pillars, balusters and decorative elements correspond to wishes of the customer.

Luxury wood staircase is the main criterion of taste and possibilities of the client.