"Spravzhniy Meister" elite furniture from a natural tree

Production company "Spravzhniy Meister" for a long time of operation, has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of products from expensive breeds of wood. The main directions of our activity is the production of luxurious, comfortable furniture for kitchen, offices and bedrooms. Also, in a significant range of us presents facades, stairs, doors, panels, and closets.

For centuries wood was used to create custom furniture for the nobility. Natural wood is a material that is durable by nature, durable and aesthetically gorgeous.

The natural wood furniture can bring in the interior warmth and comfort, not available in artificial materials.Making exclusive furniture made of natural array, we can realize the most unusual solutions, creating a presentable, luxury interior, testifying to the impeccable taste and solidity of the client.

Designing and creating wooden furniture to order, we carefully considered interior specifics, the dimensions and characteristics of the premises. The materials used by us strictly meet the European standards – all products are exclusively of high quality, valuable species – oak, ash, beech, maple, cherry and others. Each element is handled by a specific eco-friendly tools that enhance durability – our furniture is guaranteed to last for decades.

Developed industrial base with import equipment allows us not to adhere to the template options, working through each project individually. Any complexity, combining different breeds and a variety of decorative elements for us are not impossible.

Passing maximum control, our products are characterized by full absence of defects and flaws. We are so confident in the quality of their products that provide a warranty of 1 year on all created by us furniture.

We encourage constant and wholesale buyers flexible system of discounts and programs involving personal cooperation. 

Custom furniture made from natural wood from "Spravzhniy Meister" is safe, expensive and stylish. Indulge in luxury – order furniture from solid wood according to individual projects!